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Just another day in paradise…

I must have started my week a little mentally unstable.  I volunteered to work an 10 hour shift on Monday. Tuesday I worked til 8:30pm and today Wednesday I just couldn’t get my act together.  I still went above my call quota and found a 888 day past due account.  I wasn’t very focused today and that normally when I find the deep down hiding people.  We had conversations today about men, cheating, how to kick a relationship to the curb and gaudy Hawaiian shirts.

Now I dont know about you but I have been known to tweet a line or two. My Facebook is heavily used and the Google Buzz I am trying on for size. I enjoy texting, IM with the the big names.  So being in the line of work I am I guess it could be surprising to see my spoon in so many social networking areas.  I truly enjoying taking a moment to step inside someone world and see what is going on. I mean you pull up a persons page and you see their mood right away, there last thoughts, who their family is, what there status in a relationship is.  You can see what they are proud of , value, what sports teams they support and where their hometown is.  No more getting to know someone with a face to face conversation.  Everything you want to know about someone at the touch of a button except where they park.

How fair is that.

Happy hiding!

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Today my home life ran over into my work life. There are days that this occurs for everyone. This is the second worse day on the calendar for me. Today is my brother’s birthday, he passed away 6 years ago after a tragic car accident.  The date of his death is the first worst day.

I cried this morning as I post my comments on Facebook. I cried because I miss him and that he is gone when I should be remembering all that he gave me . How he touch my life and those around me.

He wasn’t perfect. He was a smart kid. Grew into a decent bill collector. As kids we were born 3 years apart, he being the younger. So we not only grew up together , went to school together  all the way through college, we worked together and after my parents retired, we lived together. His passing was like me loosing my twin. He definitely was a pain in my side some days. Like when one summer day I asked him to cut my grass for me.  He got up at 5 am and cut the grass. He had strapped a flashlight to the lawn mower so he could see.  Ever wake up to a lawn mover and think “What idiot is cutting grass at 5 am?” Ya that racket was coming from my yard.

He had such a sense of humor. I recall one time this guy was going to kick his butt for whatever reason. The guy was yelling at my brother, “I’m gonna break your legs, and your arms and then I am gonna crack your head open!” My brother just looked at him and said in his best “Sling Blade” voice “Better call me an ambulance.  mm mm” I couldn’t help but laugh. The guy was so mad he was shaking but just walked away.

He also had a heart of gold. I can’t recall how many times he came over to change my tire, fixed my car, watch my son while I worked or picked me up from the bar. Life with him was always funny.  If you were crying and upset he would find a way to make you laugh.

The last time I saw him he threw me his bears jersey, told me if I miss him to wear his Bears jersey because it made him feel sexy. The running gag was it was too short and his belly hung out the bottom. His desk at work was cover with pictures of his daughter, Chicago Bears logos and  Kinko’s offices supplies that he had “borrowed”.

I miss him so much it hurts.

He has this beautiful daughter, that is so special to me. I don’t get to talk to her much because I can’t seem to hold it together when I talk to her. I get all weepy and it makes me feel guilty. Life is hard enough when your 16, to have some Aunt you barely know crying and balling all over you. I hope she knows how much I love her. My boyfriend told me that she is hurting  just as much as I am since we both lost someone dear to us, I should give her the chance to say “Hey, this is too much for me.” I am hoping with this post I will be brave enough to do that.

Today all those I got on the phone, got a break. I was sympathetic to their story.  The got me at my moment of weakness.

Mark you were gone to soon.

Mark and the boy wonder

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Anything to survive the day..

So today being a Monday, a beautiful spring Monday I had a little help getting through the day.  It all started Saturday and I sat at my desk working my way through the dialer campaign. Now one likes being at work on Saturday just like no one likes getting calls on Saturday. I believe the only Saturdays I enjoyed was at a previous collection agency when you got a shot of Jack Daniels for every pay by phone you got. With a motivation like that we all went home sloshed or slept at the office. Those days in the collection industry are long gone. Now everything is HR sensitive.  Anyways back to my point.

As I said I was sitting in my cubicle taking calls on the dialer  and cleaning up rubber bands that my over the cubicle wall buddy had covered my desk in.  When I remember that I owed her a little pay back. Now my cubicle cronie has the worst case of adult A.D.D that I have ever seen. I mean the dog who yells “SQUIRREL!” on the movie “UP” has nothing on her. As a matter of fact when her A.D.D is really bad she will admitting yell “SQUIRREL!”   So on my lunch I went into the break room and printed out pictures of squirrels off the net. When I went back to my desk I used what markers I had at my desk and colored then, cut them out and preceded to cover her desk and belongings in pictures of squirrels. All of her kids, grand-baby’s pictures, headset, calculator and monitor, most of all the mirror she uses to look at herself a hundred times a day. I must admit her desk was also covered in rubber bands that another person had scattered over everything since we had a rubber band fight on Friday.

She came dragging in this morning at 8:30 with her hair in a wet ponytail and what did her wondering eyes appear a rubber band chain draped around the inside of the cubicle dangling with paper squirrels. Everywhere squirrels, high, low, right , left. She couldn’t help but laugh and then announce that me and two other people were in trouble and asking for it.  About an hour later after all the commotion was done she picked up her mirror to gaze fondly at herself and yelled “That’s it! Mess with my baby daddies, my kids pictures and all my things but under no circumstance mess with my mirror!!!” All the people in the surrounding cubicles started giggling.  Every so often she would find a new squirrel.

That’s how I got survived my day.

To all those hiding their car from the repo man… Good luck.

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Sunday for a bill collector

Sunday in the life of a bill collector as for most is a very important day since most Saturdays we work. We cram as much or as little into the day as we can. Some go to church, some sleep off a hang over and some do everything they could not get done all week because of the hectic schedule this production based job demands of us.

I woke up around 8:30am , that is as much sleeping in as I get. I tried to lay there longer but my 17 yr old son came in from his fishing adventure and had to tell me about it.  To make a short story even shorter sturgeon are huge.  I bickered with him over missing assignments in history and then preceded to let him go to a birthday party.  As mush as the whole assignment thing is to me. I don’t think he gets to be a kid enough. Being a single mom for while, my son had to be responsible for a lot of things at a young age. Getting himself up and dressed for school and eating breakfast, catching the bus and sometimes doing his laundry and it all started at about 8 years old.   But that is for another days blog.

Today is Sunday the day of rest the day God wanted us to worship him. Believe me I may not go to church but I believe in the good Lord. I thank him for everyday I get off work.  If you count the number of times I thank him for things or ask him for things. I pray a good 20 percent of the day.  I say to God, “Please let my car make it to work today.” and “Please let my son make it to school today in one piece.”  Then on the way home the reverse and then Thank you Lord for….. Sometimes I ask for strength not to snack on junk during the day or the strength not to go crazy over past mistakes I have made or others have made against me.

Today my Sunday will consist of blogging and cooking breakfast when the BF gets up, doing the dishes, doing laundry and then finally cooking dinner and ending the night catching up on the TV I have missed. So much for a day of rest.

Good Luck to all those hiding their car from the repo man. We are good at our jobs and make the sacrifices to survive in this economy.

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