Sunday for a bill collector

March 21, 2010 nahari71

Sunday in the life of a bill collector as for most is a very important day since most Saturdays we work. We cram as much or as little into the day as we can. Some go to church, some sleep off a hang over and some do everything they could not get done all week because of the hectic schedule this production based job demands of us.

I woke up around 8:30am , that is as much sleeping in as I get. I tried to lay there longer but my 17 yr old son came in from his fishing adventure and had to tell me about it.  To make a short story even shorter sturgeon are huge.  I bickered with him over missing assignments in history and then preceded to let him go to a birthday party.  As mush as the whole assignment thing is to me. I don’t think he gets to be a kid enough. Being a single mom for while, my son had to be responsible for a lot of things at a young age. Getting himself up and dressed for school and eating breakfast, catching the bus and sometimes doing his laundry and it all started at about 8 years old.   But that is for another days blog.

Today is Sunday the day of rest the day God wanted us to worship him. Believe me I may not go to church but I believe in the good Lord. I thank him for everyday I get off work.  If you count the number of times I thank him for things or ask him for things. I pray a good 20 percent of the day.  I say to God, “Please let my car make it to work today.” and “Please let my son make it to school today in one piece.”  Then on the way home the reverse and then Thank you Lord for….. Sometimes I ask for strength not to snack on junk during the day or the strength not to go crazy over past mistakes I have made or others have made against me.

Today my Sunday will consist of blogging and cooking breakfast when the BF gets up, doing the dishes, doing laundry and then finally cooking dinner and ending the night catching up on the TV I have missed. So much for a day of rest.

Good Luck to all those hiding their car from the repo man. We are good at our jobs and make the sacrifices to survive in this economy.


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