Anything to survive the day..

March 23, 2010 nahari71

So today being a Monday, a beautiful spring Monday I had a little help getting through the day.  It all started Saturday and I sat at my desk working my way through the dialer campaign. Now one likes being at work on Saturday just like no one likes getting calls on Saturday. I believe the only Saturdays I enjoyed was at a previous collection agency when you got a shot of Jack Daniels for every pay by phone you got. With a motivation like that we all went home sloshed or slept at the office. Those days in the collection industry are long gone. Now everything is HR sensitive.  Anyways back to my point.

As I said I was sitting in my cubicle taking calls on the dialer  and cleaning up rubber bands that my over the cubicle wall buddy had covered my desk in.  When I remember that I owed her a little pay back. Now my cubicle cronie has the worst case of adult A.D.D that I have ever seen. I mean the dog who yells “SQUIRREL!” on the movie “UP” has nothing on her. As a matter of fact when her A.D.D is really bad she will admitting yell “SQUIRREL!”   So on my lunch I went into the break room and printed out pictures of squirrels off the net. When I went back to my desk I used what markers I had at my desk and colored then, cut them out and preceded to cover her desk and belongings in pictures of squirrels. All of her kids, grand-baby’s pictures, headset, calculator and monitor, most of all the mirror she uses to look at herself a hundred times a day. I must admit her desk was also covered in rubber bands that another person had scattered over everything since we had a rubber band fight on Friday.

She came dragging in this morning at 8:30 with her hair in a wet ponytail and what did her wondering eyes appear a rubber band chain draped around the inside of the cubicle dangling with paper squirrels. Everywhere squirrels, high, low, right , left. She couldn’t help but laugh and then announce that me and two other people were in trouble and asking for it.  About an hour later after all the commotion was done she picked up her mirror to gaze fondly at herself and yelled “That’s it! Mess with my baby daddies, my kids pictures and all my things but under no circumstance mess with my mirror!!!” All the people in the surrounding cubicles started giggling.  Every so often she would find a new squirrel.

That’s how I got survived my day.

To all those hiding their car from the repo man… Good luck.


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