Just another day in paradise…

April 7, 2010 nahari71

I must have started my week a little mentally unstable.  I volunteered to work an 10 hour shift on Monday. Tuesday I worked til 8:30pm and today Wednesday I just couldn’t get my act together.  I still went above my call quota and found a 888 day past due account.  I wasn’t very focused today and that normally when I find the deep down hiding people.  We had conversations today about men, cheating, how to kick a relationship to the curb and gaudy Hawaiian shirts.

Now I dont know about you but I have been known to tweet a line or two. My Facebook is heavily used and the Google Buzz I am trying on for size. I enjoy texting, IM with the the big names.  So being in the line of work I am I guess it could be surprising to see my spoon in so many social networking areas.  I truly enjoying taking a moment to step inside someone world and see what is going on. I mean you pull up a persons page and you see their mood right away, there last thoughts, who their family is, what there status in a relationship is.  You can see what they are proud of , value, what sports teams they support and where their hometown is.  No more getting to know someone with a face to face conversation.  Everything you want to know about someone at the touch of a button except where they park.

How fair is that.

Happy hiding!


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